FTA certificate(COO)/Insurance

China and Australia signed a free trade agreement. So more than 90% of products from China are duty free if you can provide FTA cerfiticate(COO).

FTA certificate(Free Trade Agreement certficate) is also called COO(Certificate of Origin). It is a kind of doc that demonstrate the products are from China.  Below are the FTA(COO)sample.  With FTA certificate, you can apply for zero duty from AU government for your shipment from China to Australia. You only need to pay GST which is 10% of cargo value.  However if your cargo value is less than AUD1000, it is AU duty/gst free and you have no need to get FTA certificate in this situation.

Also when you ship from China to Australia/ USA/ UK, we can buy international shipping insurance for you. International shipping insurance cost is based on cargo value . When we met earthquake ,typhoon or something belong to force majeure, insurance company will cover the risk. Insurance cost is based on cargo value.


COO Certificate 

insurance 2

Insurance Copy